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Even the most luxurious, most beautiful swing is only as comfortable and safe as the hanging hardware that is supporting it. The larger the swings like a 6 foot porch swing, the heavier they are and the more important is their hardware. The main parts of any porch swing hanging hardware are the hangers, comfort springs and hanging chains. All these parts have to be able to support the weight of the swing and the people, so the capacity of 600 pounds is the norm. The job of springs is to create even suspension, so that you can swing smoothly, without wobbling. Springs are connected to the hangers on one side, and the swing chain on another. All parts have to be made of the rust-proof metal and coated with high quality paint for added protection. To avoid annoying noise, make sure that your ceiling hooks have buffering neoprene washers. Check your swing hanging hardware regularly and replace its components if they look worn out. It is particularly important if your swing is not protected from the weather.

Make your hanging porch swing more comfortable with a pair of comfort springs.
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