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Highback Porch Gliders

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Porch gliders are the younger, calmer cousins of our popular porch swings. They offer the same comfort, but the movement is much softer, more relaxed, and in fact more suited to older folks who are not interested in swinging high to reach the sky like the kids love to do. When you want soft, soothing comfort, you need a glider. When you want total comfort, with incredible lumbar support, you need a highback porch glider. Many models of porch gliders have a highback option – whether they are made of wood, polywood or wicker glider from resin. High back is a higher than normal back, which completely supports head and the neck. It makes so much sense, when you think of how many times you fell asleep in your glider and woke up with a jerk of the head. With the high back, your head is relaxing on the back of the glider, and with a small pillow, you can sleep in comfort for hours, or until the kids wake you up.

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LuxCraft Adirondack 4ft. Treated Patio Glider

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LuxCraft Adirondack 4ft. Treated Patio Glider

Our Price: $464.00

$580.00 $116.00 off

LuxCraft Adirondack Treated Glider Chair

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LuxCraft Adirondack Treated Glider Chair

Our Price: $299.00

$440.00 $141.00 off

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