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Metal Porch Swing

If you want to make a statement with your porch, or just want something little different, you will enjoy a metal porch swing. Usually made of wrought iron or steel, metal porch swings are often designed with intricate details on the back and seat. Some of them look almost Victorian, others are simpler but still extremely elegant. Most metal porch swings are painted black or have a vibrant bronze finish. The paint is extremely durable and will not rust if left in the rain. If you are looking for a statement front porch swing than the International Caravan Tropico Wrought Iron Swing is a show stopper with it's signature rolled armrests. Keep in mind that wrought iron swings are very heavy and requires strong chains and support. Ideally, purchase all hanging equipment with your swing, including chains. Whether you are hanging it on the porch or from a tree, make sure that they are strong enough for added weight. When you get tired of the color of your swing, just give it a coat of rust-proof spray paint and you will create a completely different look for your porch.

Patio Classics Lakeside 4ft. Metal Porch Swing

Patio Classics Lakeside 4ft. Metal Porch Swing

List Price: $219.99

Sale Price: $159.99

Metal Works Sailboat Metal Porch Swing

Metal Works Sailboat Metal Porch Swing

List Price: $699.99

Sale Price: $319.99

International Caravan metal porch swings are always amongst the best sellers. We personally love the Tropico swing.
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