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Everyone loves porch swings, but not everyone has the right space for them. Sometimes your porch is too small, or not strong enough for hanging a swing. Sometimes we just prefer to put our swings out in the garden, and need not only a sturdy stand, but often a canopy for shade. Swing and frame sets come in endless variety of styles and materials. You can find romantic swings made of wrought iron hanging from strong iron A-frame. Many people love swing sets made of beautiful hardwood like red cedar or southern Louisiana cypress. Porch swing stands for them can be made of metal or wood, but wooden swings look so much nicer with wooden stands. There is something about a wooden swing set that immediately bring you back to your childhood. If your garden does not have a nice shady tree, you will also need a shade for your swing. It can be a canvas awning or a small pergola that will naturally attract green vines. You can play with materials and combinations until you find just the perfect free standing swing set for your family.

Don't have a porch to hang a swing? Well then your front yard or patio deck will be just fine with any of our porch swing and stand sets.
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