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ThePorchSwingCompany.com is an online patio furniture shop dedicated to porch swings and outdoor gliders. We thought be focusing on just these two products we could be the best at them offering our customers the largest selection, best pricing, and product knowledge to back it up. We dare you to search for a better selection. If you find a swing we don't carry, please let us know as we would love to carry it. We have recently added a large number of porch swing beds as we think they fit our existing production selection. They have been an instant hit. Looking for the ultimate in outdoor luxury comfort then one of the Pawley's Island Swing Beds are for you. Don't have the space for one? We don't want you to fill left out. Now our favorite Amish brand A&L furniture has made their best selling Marlboro swing bed available in porch swing size! Swings not your things then our patio gliders are for you. They are comfortable and the smooth gliding motion will put you to sleep.

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POLYWOOD Brand SwingPlastic Resin Patio Swings
Salt water, snow, or rain? No problem with these plastic swings.
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Cedar Wood Twin SwingCustomers Love Day Bed Swings
Shop over 40 swing beds available in twin to king size.
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Recent Product Reviews
Wood Country Cabbage Hill 4ft. Red Cedar Swing & Stand
Wood Country Cabbage Hill 4ft. Red Cedar Swing & Stand
Review by thutom3 (Posted on December 17, 2014)

Swing set is great. It matches our cedar deck and the design of the swing frame with the enforced base is very sturdy. There is not wobble like our old A-frame.

LuxCraft Rollback Personalized Treated Patio Glider
LuxCraft Rollback Personalized Treated Patio Glider
Review by ninety3bears (Posted on December 16, 2014)

We are very happy with how this bench turned out. We are happy we ordered early as it took almost three weeks to get it. Christmas can't come soon enough.

The Best Porch Swings For Sale Everyday

2014 is a new exciting year and we are growing at ThePorchSwingCompany.com. Last year we introduced outdoor gliders to compliment our largest porch swing selection online. This past year we listened to our customers and they wanted matching outdoor rocking chairs for their swings! The average US front porch will accomodate a 4 foot porch swing and 2 traditional rocking chairs. It's amazing how your neighborhood would come alive if everyone added a swing or some rockers, or better yet both! Since we are based in Florida, we cater to alot of our local customers and Floridians love Key West styling with outdoor wicker rocking chairs. We always recommend our North Cape International wicker rockers as they feature durable aluminum frame (that won't rust from the Gulf of Mexico salty water) and quality outdoor resin weaves. Check them out, you won't be disappointed.

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Preparing for a Porch Swing

Here are some helpful tips to consider before welcoming your Porch Swing to its new home:



Your swing will need at least 4 feet to swing back and forth and at least 1 ½ feet on either side. You will also need to have at least 6 ½ feet from the spot on the ceiling it will hang to the porch floor. In addition, you will want to position your swing so that it is at least 1 ½ feet above the floor.



As much as we would love to guarantee one of our affordable swings will hang securely from your porch, we can’t. We suggest you call an expert before choosing the spot to hang your swing. We want this swing to be safe for everyone and last you many years. Don’t rush into hanging your swing-make safety your priority.



After being in this business as long as we have, we like to consider ourselves Porch Swing experts here at ThePorchSwingCompany.com. Here are some little tidbits we have learned along the way:


-Drill holes about 2-4 inches further out than the end of the swing. The holes for a 5 foot swing, should be about 5 feet and 4 inches from each other.


-Invest in our Hangers and Comfort Springs for an even more comfortable swing. If you decide to get the hangers and springs, get our hangkit, which includes both at even a lower price.


-Check ahead of time to ensure your swing comes with all the necessary hanging accessories and hardware-many do not.


-Hanging a porch swing with 4 chains or ropes often is preferred. Having 2 chains or ropes on each side of the swing, offers double the support, makes adjustments easier, and it will spread the weight even more evenly.


Now that the idea of hanging a swing isn’t so overwhelming, click here to check out our wide selection of affordable, durable porch swings.