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Free Standing Swings

Free standing swing is the answer for people who love swings but do not have a porch to hang them from. You can put your free standing swing anywhere in your garden or in the outdoor room. All you need is a good, sturdy swing stand. Put your free standing swings anywhere where you like to spend some time, or place it in the corner of the garden where kids love to hang out. Some of the free standing swings come with elaborate stands such as pergolas or arbors. Others have a shade, so you can enjoy swinging even in the strongest sun. Great thing about free standing swings is that you can move them when you are tired of the same view. You might need a help of a few friends, since free standing swings tend to be fairly heavy. Make sure that the surface where you want to place your free standing swing is flat and solid, to avoid the risk of the whole set falling down.