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Whether you are a romantic soul or a kid at heart, cedar porch swings are perfect for you. Placed on a porch, a swing will give you a lovely spot for an afternoon cat nap, or a place to snuggle with the love of your life. In the garden, your cedar swing can give you or your kids endless hours of swinging with friends and a nice aromatic smell. Cedar is extremely hardy and you can leave your swing out in the garden after the season is over. It will look even more beautiful after the weather and age give it a nice grayish sheen. It gives your outdoor wooden swing it's own sense of style and tradition. Cedar outdoor swings are ultimate luxury for your garden and porch, so take a good care of it and it will last for generations and your grand children will enjoy swinging. Just give it a coat of cedar oil every now and then, to keep the wood protected. If your swing is hanging from chains, make sure that your chains also get a drop of oil, to keep them protected from rust. It doesn't get much easier for maintenance with any other wood than cedar.

Nostalgic Classic Red Cedar Porch Swing

Nostalgic Classic Red Cedar Porch Swing

List Price: $2,599.99

Sale Price: $1,622.99

Amish Creek Furniture Classic Red Cedar Porch Swing

Amish Creek Furniture Classic Red Cedar Porch Swing

List Price: $299.99

Sale Price: $214.99

There are only a few woods that are extremely durable outdoors including cedar, teak, and cypress wood. Cedar can be left outdoor unfinished and it will not rot or decay.
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