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2 Foot Porch Swings

Most people like large swings in which they can snuggle with their kid or the loved one. But, sometimes it is better to have few single chair swings, for individual adjustments. If you hang them on a tree or from an A-frame, you can even place them so that they swing in opposite direction for some fun swinging face-to-face. Single swing chairs come in a variety of materials, from rich cedar, cypress or aspen, to durable swings made of polywood, new synthetic lumber made of recycled plastic. Polywood is virtually maintenance free and can be easily cleaned with a simple garden hose. The more expensive your swing is, the more you will enjoy its natural grain color. Protect the swing with a coat of wood sealant or cedar oil. 2 foot swings made of cheaper materials like pine are often painted and you can choose any color you fancy, from pastels to wild and bright. If you like your one person swing to be as natural as possible, look for swing made of cedar or cypress logs. These are perfect for country settings or your mountainside cabin retreat.

These two foot swings or single seaters are perfect for adults who like to swing alone. Many of these style are available in larger sizes if you are looking.
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